Founded 1978


Please bear in mind that both Grands and Petits are numerically small breeds, therefore not a high number of puppies is born each year.  In 2020, only 33 GBGVs were registered with the Kennel Club and 113 PBGVs.

Those shown on the Breeders' Directory do not always have puppies.  Some, who have a kennels, may have litters fairly regularly.  Others, who perhaps have only one or two bitches of breeding age, breed infrequently.

To save prospective buyers time and effort, where requested by a breeder the BGV Club lists any club member who currently has a litter with puppies available.

If no litters are shown on this page, contact Club Secretary Dianne Reid.  She may be aware of a breeder who is due to have a litter.  If she is unable to help you straight away, she will keep your details and contact you when she gets to know of any litters.  Alternatively go through the names shown on the Breeders' Directory.  Any breeder will be pleased to help and, if not likely to be having a litter in the near future, may be able to put you in touch with someone who is.

One other course of action is to look on the Kennel Club website's Find A Puppy.  This will list any BGV Assured Breeders who have puppies for sale, although they may not necessarily be a BGV Club member.

There are no reported puppies available at the moment