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With all living beings, whether human or canine, health issues and illnesses can occur.  BGVs come from long established rustic stock, bred for work, therefore overall they are robust and healthy hounds with few problems.  However this is not to say they do not exist.  As with any breed (or even cross-breeds) some health issues have arisen. 

The BGV Club has a Health Sub-Committee which takes breed health extremely seriously and works hard on your behalf.  The Sub-Committee reports directly to the main Committee and, if there is evidence of any growing health problem in the breed, imm​ediate action is taken to investigate.  For many years the Club worked closely with the Animal Health Trust, who gathered DNA samples etc on ​our behalf, allowing known problems to be researched thoroughly and steps to be taken to eradicate them from the breed.  Closure of the AHT in July 2020 and pending the new Canine Genetics arrangements the Club's efforts continue to progress work towards this aim.   

We have an ongoing initiative to collect clinical health information on all BGVs helping to identify what health problems are of most concern. This will then guide medical research priorities and ultimately improve the health of our BGVs.  

You can help this research by completing this form.       

The information you give will be confidential to the BGV Club Health Sub-Committee and Officers of the Club.  General data will be used by the BGVC and shared with the Kennel Club to contribute towards their Breed Health & Conservation Plans.   

Specific details about you and your BGV will NOT be published

BGV Health Information Form


Breed Health & 
Conservation Plan

The Breed Health & Conservation Plan ensures that all health concerns are identified through evidence-based criteria. The plans provide breeders with useful information and resources to support them in making balanced breeding decisions that make health a priority.

 It takes a complete view of breed health and includes information about:
    *  known inherited conditions
    *  complex conditions (ie those involving many genes and environmental effects such as
        nutrition or exercise levels)
    *  conformational concerns
    *  population genetics

This project is run by, and in collaboration with, The Kennel Club with the aim of gathering all available health information and data and compiling it into a single document. This in turn forms a basis to  create a strategy to tackle any health priorities in the PBGV and GBGV.


If you have any concerns about your BGV's well-being which appear to be related to any of the known health problems in the breed, let us know.  We are here to support you.