Founded 1978

Joan Robertson

Show Manager 01235 851914

My life in pedigree dogs began in the 60's with Beagles, having had mongrels as a child and teenager

While showing Beagles in the early 80's, I came face to face with BGV's and fell in love and very quickly acquired my first Petit.  along with my son, we bred and showed both breeds over the years - now solely in his hands!

I personally have also had Standard Poodles and an Irish Water Spaniel with whom I dabbled in a variety of dog activities such as tracking, gundog work and Flyball.  However my first love will always be PBGV's.

I served on the committees of Livingstone Canine Association and Scottish Beagle Club and on the latter, I was Magazine Editor and subsequently Secretary.  On moving South, I joined the committee of Flyde Kennel Association as club Secretary, a post I held until moving further South!

I am currently a committee member of Reading & District Kennel Association as well as The BGV Club where I hold the position of Show Manager.

Presently at home I have two Petits who are my constant companions and keep my love of the breed very much alive along with my commitments to the Club.