Founded 1978

Claire Cooper

Breed Education 07855 255287

Dogs have been a part of the family since before I was born with one of my first pictures is me in the cot flanked by a German Shepherd and a heinz 57 variety. Our first show dog was a Labrador in 1985, the first Tibetan Terrier arrived in 1987 followed by the Tibetan Spaniel in 1990. I showed my first dog aged 6 and I was an active member of both the JHA and the KCJO (YKC as is now known) and bred my first Tibetan Spaniel litter in 1993 under the Susu Affix which will soon be 30 years old. The Jayanel affix transferred to me from my Dad in 2017. 

Through showing the dogs my Dad fell in love with the PBGV and our first one arrived in 2003. I handled Ch Jayanel Atistocrat from our first litter to his title, I fell in love with the more laid back attitude of the Grand and the first GBGV arrived in 2010 and Poppy (aka Ch Debucher XFactor) is now happily retired on the sofa along with my father. We have since been joined by the “Ginger Pet” a Griffon Fauve de Bretagne named Ginny. 

Whilst I am still active in showing the TT’s and PBGV my house is ruled by the Tibetan Spaniel and Grand Basset. I have been lucky enough to own champions in GBGV, PBGV and Tibetan Spaniels. 

I have served on the BGV club committee since 2016 and currently serve on the Tibetan Spaniel Association committee. I have been Breed Education Coordinator since its inception in 2018 and am also the catering manager. 

Work wise I am about to embark on a new adventure as People and Culture Business Partner for Primark. When I am not working, or showing I spend my time cycling, running and undertaking cross fit classes.