Founded 1978

Karen Powney

Committee 07914 358528

I have had dogs from an early age, and first showing them at exemption shows held alongside the horse shows I did with my ponies, always cross breeds as a child, and then when I moved to Lancashire in 2003 to a suitable house started properly showing by buying my first pedigree. An English Setter named Breeze. Shown with some success including a first at Crufts, and have qualified with something nearly every year since.

My affix held with Martin Long and Robert Cross is KNOTDOG

My son then got an Irish Water Spaniel I 2004 who we lost at the early age of 3 and then in 2005 came Robin my first PBGV. Mostly because he was cute. So having persuaded Fred and Lynn Ellingford to let me have the little monster a now over 15 year love of the breed has developed. I brought another off Fred and Lynn and have bred a few litters of my own.

I currently have 3 PBGV girls in the house and am planning on adding another IWS (our 3rd) later in the year.I have served on a few open show committees over the years and joined the PBGV committee last year. I am on the judges B list for both Petits and Grands and judge across Hound, Gundog & other groups at open shows. I currently run my own embroidery business (Knotdog Designs)and do some amateur photography, including the club show photos.