Founded 1978

Martin Bishop

Membership Secretary

Back in the early eighties Jan & I went to a fun dog show held at our local carnival and it is there where we met Valerie Link (aka Jamar) with her Beagle, and a friendship was formed. She then persuaded us to enter an Open show with our cocker spaniel, where we met Bernie & Linda Skerritt and a very young Jenna they were there with their Bassets and a PBGV,soon after Valerie announced that she had got a PBGV from Bernie & Linda and by coincidence we next met them when Bernie judged at a local exemption show in August 1986 where Jan showed her cocker under him. We went on to have two litters of cockers and finished up with mum & daughter plus a brought in male cocker. In those days our KC affix was Hazleigh varying reasons we drifted away from dog showing but kept in contact with Valerie and during a stay with us in early 2013  she mentioned she was going to have a litter of puppies later in the year, we thought no more about it until Valerie put on Facebook that she still had a puppy from the litter for sale, This coincided with our cocker living on borrowed time due to cancer taking over his body, so a phone call later to Valerie and we became owners of our first PBGV,and once again the ever persuasive Valerie asks “are you going to show her ?” So, I end up being on the Committee for Chelmsford & dist canine society taking on the role of Treasurer and membership secretary, Later I was asked to go on to the BGV committee and take on the role of membership secretary and later took over running the LOD. Up until 2002 I had been working for an engineering sub-contractor in the aerospace industry, starting there as an engineering Inspector and finishing as a Production engineer and estimator, interesting work taking me to all of the British Aerospace sites in the UK in addition to aircraft manufacturers in Belfast and Venice, I was with them 20 years until redundancy loomed and at an age when nobody wants you I became a Licensed Taxi driver working nights, an eye opening job never knew where you would be going and who you were to pick up, and as for what happened on the back seat of the cab is another story, do passengers not realise there are multiple rear view mirrors. Since Valerie moved back home to the USA, Jan has taken over the Jamar affix it was meant to be as it ties in both of our names. In addition to the dog show world my interests are motor sport, having owned and competed in motor Rally’s with a mini cooper, now days its F1 that is my passion having been to the British Grand Prix 3 times, and as a retirement present to myself I went to Barcelona for the Spanish Grand Prix. I have to say I do like a pint of real ale. So that’s it other than playing the guitar of which I own three, an acoustic, a semi acoustic and an electric. 07779 300761