Founded 1978

Kath Moulding

Rescue Trustee

I started caring for rescue dogs locally, whilst still at school, before working with, Boarding, Breeding and (Battersea) Rescue dogs and cats, qualifying in Small Animal Care at Bellmead Kennel Training College in 1989. I worked in boarding and breeding kennels until 1995, then returned home and to working with rescue dogs again. 

My passion for the pbgv started after seeing the breed at the winners show in Holland, on a field trip from Bellmead. I visited Yvonne Dean and Claire Gutherless (now Ogilvie), I already had a GSDx and was looking for a smaller friend for her, so I had my first pbgv ‘Deanound Quelsey’ in February 1990. I began to show Quelsey, as a hobby, and 1993 I got my affix and had the first Nykarth litter. In that first litter was the first Nykarth Champion ‘Nykarth Groundsel’. I’ve since bred several Champions that live around world… England, Ireland, Spain, Jakarta and homed dogs in America and Canada. I have many friends within the Nykarth family and both breeds. 

I have competed in agility with a couple of my PBGV and given talks to Brownies, Cubs, in schools as well as older groups… always taking some of my dogs. I have completed courses in Breeding, First aid, Obedience, Behaviour, Nutrition and City and Guilds Grooming (Level3 Professional). I was a carer for 18yrs, until 2019 and am now able to have more time to enjoy my dogs and still help out at a friend’s kennels. I have been on the committee of Chichester and District Canine Society, for over 21yrs and regularly help with ringcraft training and stewarding at the Open show. I became a BGV member since 1989 and committee member since 2011/12, have helped with most club events including being involved with and organised the Southern Bgv Fundays. I also help with Discover dogs in London and at Crufts.       07929 427246