JUDGING PBGVs AND GBGVs           ​ 

Dog shows offer dog breeders and owners an opportunity to exhibit their chosen breed and potential breeding stock.  It allows them to compete against others under judges who select the dogs that, on that particular day and in their view, most closely conform to the Breed Standard - the ideal for that particular breed. 

Whether or not you already own a BGV, the BGV Club encourages potential judges to attend one of their breed specific seminars to learn about PBGVs and GBGVs before embarking on a show career.   Once on the judges list, when you have met certain criteria, such as passing an assessment on the breed (or the requirements of a Breed Appreciation Day) and the number judged in breed classes at a show, with experience you can gradually climb up onto a higher list or to a higher level and graduate from judging breed classes at small open shows to making important decisions at championship shows.  You can look forward to being an active, successful and long-time participant in the sport and the club will welcome you with your interest in BGVs. 
When you have read the Judges Criteria, if you would like to apply to go on a BGV Club Judges List, please download and complete the Application Form and form giving the details of entry and BGVs in breed classes judged at each show and send them to:

BGVC Secretary,
Mrs Linda Skerritt
Sharnden Fourth Avenue
Essex SS17 8HN

Need to tell us about a change to your contact details?  E-mail
Judge's Application Form
Form for supplying your judging details
These forms can also be found on the Criteria page
All enquiries and applications concerning the Judges Competency Framework and Breed Assessment should go to our Breed Education Co-ordinator, Claire Cooper