2019, what have we got now?


Dates for 2019

Sunday, 3 November 2019
BREED APPRECIATION DAY - for BGV (Petit) and BGV (Grand)
Corley Village Hall, Church Lane, Corley, Coventry CV7 8AZ

For details, contact
             Claire Cooper  07855 255287 / clairecooper81@hotmail.co.uk

Saturday, 23 November 2019
Sports Connexion, Ryton-on-Dunsmore CV8 3FL

Championship Show Judges:
BGV (Grand) – M. Renaud Buche (France)
BGV (Petit) -Mrs Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen (Finand)
Best in Show and Junior Handling – Mrs Sue Virgo (Sumahari)

BGV (Grand) Stakes - Mrs Mandy Dance (Emem)
BGV (Petit) Stakes - Mrs Jackie Hornby (Jacmist)

Show dates for  2020
Saturday 4 April 2020:

                                                              BGV Club Open Show
  NEW VENUE      Roade Village Hall,  Bailey Brooks Lane, Road, Northants NN7 2LS
                                              Judges:   BGV (Grand) - Mrs Ann Makey (Gairside)
                                                              BGV (Petit) - Mrs Kim Culyer-Dawson (Culdaws)
                                                              Best in Show - Mrs Rose Phillips (Haliston)


Sunday 21 June 2020:
     NEW SHOW                             BGV Club Open Show Scotland
         In partnership with Border Union Championship Show
            Judge:  BGV (Grand), BGV (Petit) and BIS: Mr Bill O’Loughlin (Bassbarr)


Saturday 24 October 2020:
       NEW DATE                          BGV Club Championship Show
                                                   The Sports Connexion, Ryton-on-Dunsmore
           BGV(G)   Mrs Fiona Buchanan (Tarmachan)         Stakes:  Mr David Bell (Balintyne)
           BGV(P)   Mr Paul Osbourne (Braego)                                    Mr Michael Lewis (Trixhund)
           Best in Show  Mr Graham Hill (Dimland)


And to help with your future planning . . . .

Club championship show dates 2021-2024, all shows to be held at Ryton-on-Dunsmore:

23 October 2021
22 October 2022
21 October 2023
19 October 2024